Have had to recently update my bio for a pitch document, clearly I’m getting better at this sort of thing (until the grammar police catch up with me) as this was my first attempt to make a more relevant, high level summary of my professional life.  I’d hire this guy, would you?

“David has worked with internet related technologies for over 15 years, from small CGI scripts for the BBC to the worlds first package collection service with TNT.  David has worked with various programming languages and database technologies to enable small and large organisations use the internet for business.  Projects have included working with TNT, Acer, Sky, Unilever, GSK, British Airways, Colgate Palmolive, BAT.  Technologies have included PHP, Python, JavaScript, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, various Cloud service providers and use of API based services including YouTube, Google Analytics, Twitter and Facebook as well as building mobile applications using PhoneGap.”

Day 17

And my work here is done, well almost. Client handover finished yesterday to the new perm programmer and general technical bod at the company, so 10 pages of documentation and a run through some of the code.  That was it, thank you for your work and if you ever need to feel free to use us a reference.

It was certainly interesting work as well, VBA and SQL server with an unhealthy dose of VBScript (Who knew it still existed) in a market I’ve not worked in before, originally just involved in setting up a server and a couple of desktops the contract ended up being over a year long. (and that’s not me being slow on Windows!)

One happy client is now one happy ex-client.  Luckily for me this being 2013 and not 2012 I’ve already got replacement work lined up to fill the time ;-)

Day 9

Ok so I think it’s day 9, have lost track already what with the daily commute and working like I have a real job again.  Its been a crazy start to the year with people asking me about work from days gone by and just little bits and pieces coming in on an almost daily basis.  I’m not complaining, still massively fired up for 2013 and with the life changes expected to happen in H1 I need to be!

Weekends are no less relaxing with the joy of house hunting, we’re moving area, so first off we need to find an area of the country we like, the criteria is pretty stringent and important to us, personally I’m hoping that this will be our final area move for some time, and wherever we end up (Kent?) we are there for a while and can try and put down some real roots in the local community and make the house a real home.

Day 7

So a week back in the work mindset, well a week commuting on the trains so far this year anyway, and it is probably some kind of record, but I’m still enjoying it all, enjoying work, enjoying creating and crafting solutions, learning every day and I *know* I’m doing good work.  Using a lot of skills as well….

So far this year:

  • Cisco (sort of) L3 Switch config work
  • HP Switch config
  • VBA for Excel
  • MS SQL Server 2k8
  • JavaScript for Google Apps
  • Node.js
  • PHP (Expression Engine)
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Agile development using SCRUM

Early days of course, but I’m mainly doing it with a smile, so the mental side is going well, now to work on the physical side and get fit.