Jenkins and SCM Sync

So if you plan on scaling out Jenkins with slaves and the like you’ll probably want to ensure your configuration is kept someone secure, handily there’s a plugin for that.

Jenkins SCM Sync – which to be fair I have a bit of a love hate relationship with and since building up a new Jenkins server last week hasn’t got any better, the config loaded in fine, but then would error on every save / change.

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Amazon Web Services (Jenkins)

Right so we have our handy services Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with access via OpenVPN (and the awesome Viscosity OSX VPN Client) now we need to start adding useful things into it.

(See this blog post for info)

For me the next step was looking at how we could automate deployments using our own tool chain, part of the reason we are looking at AWS is to get a bit more flexibility and also the benefits of greater automation.  We’ve already had success using BitBucket -> Codeship -> Heroku as a work flow to make our code visible and available in readily shareable environment, and it took < 5 minutes to get it up and running ;-)

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