Day 11

Yep if I don’t keep this up I’ll lose count.

Today started off well with me playing with D3.js on the train on the way in, and also finding out that my RoR code that I have in Github had passed its tests in Travis-CI – ok so it had also passed the tests on my laptop but it had taken me a couple of steps to get the right YML file to make it work in Travis.  Thanks to this article on Stack Overflow I found the magic was to do with the Rake DB Migrate task (I was on the right track which was nice)

My .travis.yml file is now like this:

language: ruby
- 1.9.3
- DB=sqlite
- RAILS_ENV=test bundle exec rake db:migrate --trace
- bundle exec rake db:test:prepare
- bundle exec rspec spec/
bundler_args: --binstubs=./bundler_stubs

Which made things work, now every time I push my code to Github it will be grabbed and tested by Travis, overkill for a sample app with a known outcome, but good practice.

The down part was getting into the office I was working today and losing one of the rubber earbuds from my earphones, as I type this I’m listening to music in half stereo (not mono) and being subjected to the noise of my fellow commuters.

Once in to the office du jour it was down to some data and SQL checking, not too much of an issue except this was SQL including some lovely CTE queries that I hadn’t looked at in over 3 months, took a while to get going with it, and there were some changes to make (of course) with the client “helping” me write my code. Still managed to validate the results from the queries and client is happy and of course a happy client is what we all want.

So heading back home and more D3.js awesomeness. (and writing a blog post)

Day 10

So it’s another day, on the commute in I played around with a bit RoR as I continue to work through the Rails Tutorial and started to get back to working with JavaScript more using the helpful guys at Codecademy

So clearly I can tick today off as a day that isn’t wasted (my standard rule is that something learnt in a day means the day hasn’t been wasted!)

Which is handy as I’m working on a data visualisation piece at the moment which will make extensive use of JSON based data from REST queries with a view to being displayed using D3.js so even more learning going on.


Think it is safe to say that as part of my three words for 2013 I’m working well on “better” sad to report that “fitter” hasn’t even started, although I’m back doing my daily physio exercises – it’s a start!