Over the years

So I get to this point every year, look back on my fitness activity and think “should’ve done better.” Except for 2019 I’m feeling pretty good about it, but to make sure that I’m not just kidding myself I needed some data and that meant I first needed to import 7 years of data from Garmin into Strava so all of my activity data was in one place. I actually have data going back to 2008 but it’s a bit sparse so for the sake of the table below I’ve dropped it.

Importing all the things from Garmin into Strava was made easy thanks to garminexport (well I had a local archive of 1300+ activities that I had to manually import, 25 at a time, and check were assigned to the correct activity type.)

Amusing to note that as I was adding the entries I spotted a 3km run in 2015 that took me 22 minutes. In 2019 I managed to get my Parkrun PB down to 22:13 ;-)

So with the data all in one place, time to look at it (a bit)…. using this handy site I was able to quickly see annual summary data which is below, the biggest surprise for me is the lack of swimming, oh and a lot of the riding is made up of bike commuting. The interesting part (for me) is the improvement in my running pace over the last few years.

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Count 10 12 79 151 163 53 84 74
413 262 423 399 672 250 394 350
21:53:51 10:50:22 23:56:42 21:09:31 34:24:52 13:34:27 21:50:58 18:00:36
Count 58 37 33 31 85 89 71 131
358 247 201 211 238 457 270 847
35:49:27 26:55:34 23:54:00 23:58:01 30:28:49 52:12:56 27:29:12 78:02:32
Avg / Speed
6:00 6:32 7:08 6:50 7:42 6:51 6:07 5:32
Count 5 1 23 44
8 1 14 55
02:34:34 00:46:34 03:57:34 15:40:27

This is due to my “if you want to run faster, run faster” brain wave I had in the middle of 2018, where I suddenly worked out what I needed to do to stop my parkrun taking so long (and getting longer) and to just generally improve my running, going from a tedious and sometime boring plod, into something that almost feels like running. Just need to apply it to my swimming now ;-)

So the fitness thing…

…once again failed this year.

Started well with a few months of marathon training and getting to my longest run ever (25km) but then as ever injury and lethargy “prevented” me doing much more.

Clearly I need a target to motivate me to do something and “fitness” isn’t enough.

Anyway the stats from 2017:

Cycling : 263Km (all commuting to and from the station)
Running : 440Km (mostly in the first 3 months of 2017)
Swimming: 12Km

Lots of changes happening in 2018, but alongside the changes and unknowns I’d really like to find a way to consistently exercise.