Day 7

So a week back in the work mindset, well a week commuting on the trains so far this year anyway, and it is probably some kind of record, but I’m still enjoying it all, enjoying work, enjoying creating and crafting solutions, learning every day and I *know* I’m doing good work.  Using a lot of skills as well….

So far this year:

  • Cisco (sort of) L3 Switch config work
  • HP Switch config
  • VBA for Excel
  • MS SQL Server 2k8
  • JavaScript for Google Apps
  • Node.js
  • PHP (Expression Engine)
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Agile development using SCRUM

Early days of course, but I’m mainly doing it with a smile, so the mental side is going well, now to work on the physical side and get fit.

Tools (an update)

So a while ago I wrote about changing the tools I was using in a bid to be more organised, has it worked, not really, but this is more down to me than the tools.

A bad workman blames his tools but in this case the fault lies squarely with the workman.  I’ve got out of the habit of making notes, setting reminders and generally (and to the amusement of those who know me) taken to relying on my memory (stop laughing at the back) and in a lot of ways that has worked, not relying on technology to feed me everything I need has helped, maybe not with my organisational skills, but it has helped in part with my memory, or maybe that’s been the recent work I’ve been doing and those I’ve been doing it with.

Amusingly as I write this I’m about to start a role which see’s me as “scrum master” for a project, surely a test of my skills, in both organisation and getting stuff done.