Day 2

Well day 2 of the working year, according to WolframAlpha and time to reflect on 2012 and maybe update the oft neglected blog.

So 2012 was a year that went quickly and had some good highs and painful lows, achieving my goal at Alcatraz and getting (some of) the weight off to get around the course, surviving the swim etc, massive high, and in part responsible for the rest of the low:

Work wise 2012 wasn’t the best year, almost 50% quieter / less work than 2011 and some hard months, also in terms of some things I wanted to achieve I completely missed out, no new company website (maybe related to the run rate) no, or almost no, posts here or meaning, I did start learning JavaScript and worked with Google Apps and Node.js so not a total waste in terms of upskilling and in conjunction with TodayIShould managed to build and launch a number of websites using Expression Engine, CodeIgniter or Perch

Oh and to wrap it all off I ended up back at the same weight as I started the year :-(

Still writing this has made me feel more positive, 2013 is going to be amazing, all things being equal I’m going to be a dad again ;-) so we’ll also be moving house, buying a new car and all the other stuff that comes with a growing family.

So three words for 2013

Fitter, Better, Organised


Lets see how it goes, but I’m feeling very positive about the year at the moment, so that’s a better start than this time last year!