Day 7

So a week back in the work mindset, well a week commuting on the trains so far this year anyway, and it is probably some kind of record, but I’m still enjoying it all, enjoying work, enjoying creating and crafting solutions, learning every day and I *know* I’m doing good work.  Using a lot of skills as well….

So far this year:

  • Cisco (sort of) L3 Switch config work
  • HP Switch config
  • VBA for Excel
  • MS SQL Server 2k8
  • JavaScript for Google Apps
  • Node.js
  • PHP (Expression Engine)
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Agile development using SCRUM

Early days of course, but I’m mainly doing it with a smile, so the mental side is going well, now to work on the physical side and get fit.

Day 4

So first full work week of the year, 5 days work in 5 days (maybe) as opposed to last weeks 5 days work in 2 ish days.

Good start to the day bumping into Andy on the Donkey into town this morning, took us both a while to work out each other was there mainly as we were both fully engaged with working on our respective laptops, oddly in two years of travelling into town by train, it’s only the second time I’ve bumped into someone I know and that happened in the last 3 weeks.  Odd.

Of course it did mean that my aim of continuing to work through the RoR Tutorial went out the window but it was good to have a catch up after we originally met at Full Frontal and found out after several drinks that we live about three miles away, another instance of small world.

Day 3

I can’t imagine I’ll get this into double figures but you never know.

Anyway as one of the things I claim to be is a programmer I need to start doing it better, in the past I’ve picked up languages as I’ve needed to based on the work that is sold by the company I’m working for, notable examples of this include

  • Lotus Notes
  • Java Server Pages
  • VBA
  • VBScript

However now that I’m doing my own thing as Wirewool along with working with others such as TodayIShould it becomes easy to sell the technology and the solutions you know and so your learning changes, you don’t learn new things, but you do learn how to do things better, which is fine, but not great.  So to be great I’m going to learn some new things….

And I’m going to improve on the PHP stuff I know and by using PHPUnit ensure the code I wrote is testable and tested.  I’ve also got an Expression Engine module written that with a bit of a tidy up and some documentation is ready to be released, so I’ll get that cracked as well.

Day 2

Well day 2 of the working year, according to WolframAlpha and time to reflect on 2012 and maybe update the oft neglected blog.

So 2012 was a year that went quickly and had some good highs and painful lows, achieving my goal at Alcatraz and getting (some of) the weight off to get around the course, surviving the swim etc, massive high, and in part responsible for the rest of the low:

Work wise 2012 wasn’t the best year, almost 50% quieter / less work than 2011 and some hard months, also in terms of some things I wanted to achieve I completely missed out, no new company website (maybe related to the run rate) no, or almost no, posts here or meaning, I did start learning JavaScript and worked with Google Apps and Node.js so not a total waste in terms of upskilling and in conjunction with TodayIShould managed to build and launch a number of websites using Expression Engine, CodeIgniter or Perch

Oh and to wrap it all off I ended up back at the same weight as I started the year :-(

Still writing this has made me feel more positive, 2013 is going to be amazing, all things being equal I’m going to be a dad again ;-) so we’ll also be moving house, buying a new car and all the other stuff that comes with a growing family.

So three words for 2013

Fitter, Better, Organised


Lets see how it goes, but I’m feeling very positive about the year at the moment, so that’s a better start than this time last year!