Changing the way I work

So I’m not a person who for whatever reason has really used an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) when coding. When I first started out, more than a few years ago, I crafted my HTML by hand, and when it came to writing my first PERL code using the Camel book to guide me I used Textpad. Moving on from there, the languages I coded changed (PHP, CFML, LotusScript, ASP, JavaScript, JSP), the environment I worked on changed as well (Windows 95, 98, XP, Fedora, OSX) but the power of the editor remained unchanged, multiple tabs, save collections of files as projects, a bit if syntax highlighting and I was happy. (Easily pleased almost)

And that continued until very recently, yes I migrated to using TextMate or Coda depending on how the mood took me, but it was still very “simple” work, I never really challenged the editor or pushed it that hard (and probably still don’t)

The main change now is that I use Sublime Text 2 and for once I’ve gone a bit further than just using the default settings, I’ve done the obvious thing and skinned it ;-) but then I’ve also added in the Sublime Package Manager and have installed the following packages (for reference) :

  • Additional PHP Snippets
  • Alignment
  • CodeIgniter Snippets
  • Docblockr
  • LESS
  • PHPcs
  • PHPDocumentor
  • RubyTest
  • SublimeCodeIntel
  • Sublimelint
  • Soda – Theme
  • ZenCoding

I used the following two sites (here and here) to get me going and without them would probably be still using TextMate or Coda and not working so nearly as effectively.