Next stop 40….

….so today I’m 39


No really sure how that happened, just seemed to creep on my, celebrating it in the usual way by working. ┬áHave received a couple of amazing things, one of which is a voucher to the Ginstitute which I’m really excited about doing, will have to find a couple of other people who are interested in going along at the same time, shouldn’t be too hard!

The other is a bottle of “Bathtub Gin” (there is clearly a theme here) which is a gin I haven’t had so that’s pretty exciting.

So there is a realisation that I’m probably the least fit I’ve ever been, maybe time for some introspection and some kind of change, I certainly don’t want to write a similar post to this next year (with the title OMG I’m 40 and fat(ter))

But first there is gin to be drunk…. (and then a midlife crisis to be planned)