Day 26

Ok I’ll soon stop doing posts based on the working day of the year (probably) and of course there is a good chance I’ll revert to type and just stop blogging for a while again.

However in the mean time, I’ve been playing with building virtual machines from the command line, and think that Vagrant with Puppet may have made me see local development and my development environment in a completely different manner, not sure this has happened since I stopped FTPing code to sites to put them live (yep deploy is the future kids!)

So to add to the learning so far is building a virtual machine, with the LAMP setup I want from a single command, clearly it’s the future.  I need to refine the thoughts slightly that are swimming around my head and think about the workflow more, but it should be pretty amazing ;-)  stay tuned and what out for a post further along the line with some stuff on Github (I won’t be the first to do it, but it will work for me, and maybe you…)