Adobe Air

So for a while I’d had issues with Adobe Air applications sometimes working other times not, and due to the infrequency with which I used Air based applications I had largely ignored the problem, however today I need to use Mockups and this I meant I had to fix the issue.

The solution turned out to be pretty simple, uninstall Air (for good measure) and then install Mockups, simples.  So open a terminal session and use the following:

sudo /Applications/Utilities/Adobe\ AIR\\ AIR\ Installer -uninstall

Enter your password when prompted and a few seconds later you get:

Uninstalling Adobe AIR (all versions)

Re-install Air, install Mockups, get creative ;-)

Why the dull post on something so simple, well I’ve had to do this several times now and always have to Google for the best way to uninstall Air on OSX so this time I’ve posted here to help me out.