So I finally managed to spend some time over the last few days on sorting out the 7 VMWare servers we have in the London (Main) office and more specifically get a free server available so that I could retire a VMWare server that couldn’t be upgraded to the latest version of VSPhere.

Course of action was simple.

– Install a new management server as a physical machine
– Move all existing VMWare servers under the control of the new management server
– Profit.

Not quite that simple, until I had upgraded a server to VSPhere it couldn’t be managed by the new VCenter Server as it didn’t have the old 3.5x license server running.

So it took a bit of moving instances around the various servers and gradually upgrading all servers to VSPhere.

Once I’d worked out the correct order to move all of the servers around without killing anything it was time to get started, I moved all of the already upgraded servers under the control of the new VCenter Server, and then migrated the BDC and PDC from VMWare servers that needed upgrading, this meant I was left with two 3.5x boxes to upgrade one of which was running the old VCenter Server with the 3.5 license manager.

I shut down the old VCenter Server and migrated into on to an already upgraded VMWare Server then set to work upgrading the last two servers.

All very simple, just required a bit of planning to ensure I didn’t end up with a 3.5x server that I couldn’t do anything with as the license server wasn’t available (I’ve got around this issue before using an emergency local license but it is a problem best avoided.)

So I now have 7 VMWare servers all running the latest version of VSPhere (well 3 of them will be auto updating using the update manager over the weekend) and a physical install of the Virtual Center Server.

I’m happier that the main management machine is a physical box as it makes life easier doing updates.

Now to set about getting in the extra kit to go HA ;-)