Letter to Gavin

My previous letter can be found here.

So still waiting on a decent internet connection, still being fobbed off, still burning through my 4G data allowance to live life in a modern web based world.

So I’ve sent another letter to Gavin Patterson.  As I mention in the email I’ve been updated of the situation, but the update has been “no you can’t have a usable internet connection even though the planning permission for the estate was granted in 2010 and we’ve had nearly six years to upgrade our systems”

I’m not expecting anything to happen, after all this is a company well known for appalling customer service and having the added benefit of being in a monopoly position, still you have to try…. (after all not like I can go to another provider.)

Good afternoon,

I’m still trying to resolve the issue around getting a fibre install to my property and a month since I raised the issue with your team I feel like I’m no further to an adequate resolution.

Whilst I’m getting regular updates about the situation nothing is happening.  So there was an engineer on site last week who told the team on the estate where I live that they were installing hardware to sort out the capacity issues nothing has happened, having managed to place an order in January for FTTP several times all of which were cancelled, I was told this morning that it would be August before I could get a connection that could be considered fit for purpose.

Put simply I have no faith in your company or your ability to deliver anything meaningful in terms of an internet connection, currently I have a DSL connection supplied by you which is slower than a 28k modem during evenings and weekends whilst I’m continually fobbed off with “capacity issue” excuses.

Using the BT availability checker (http://www.dslchecker.bt.com/adsl/adslchecker.welcome) it indicates there is availability for the FTTP product at my exchange and other people on the same exchange have been able to place orders or are having their orders fulfilled, I’d be interested to know why you can’t provide this product in the three months since I placed my original order and why you now feel it is ok to suggest I could have to wait until August to get a usable internet connection.

I look forward to your response.

For your convenience I attach an image of the availability checker results, I’ve also published this and my previous email to you on my blog and will be linking to Twitter and Facebook as well as contacting and raising a complaint with the Communications Ombudsman.

David Smith

BT Availablity Checker Web