Letter to Gavin

So since moving in January I’ve been trying to get a decent internet connection installed.

In a bid to get things sorted I ended up emailing Gavin Patterson as the CEO of BT on the 9th March when I felt that I wasn’t getting anywhere in spite of my complaints being escalated to UK based team:


Hope you are well. It has been suggested that I contact you in order to try and resolve an issue with getting FTTP installed into a new build in the Horsham area.

Put simply I’ve been told a number of different things by various people within BT around when I might and might not get FTTP, I’ve had three orders create, and cancelled for various reasons and as an interim measure been provided with a copper broadband connection that is slower than the modem I had 20 years ago. When I looked to move to the house I purchased I checked on your site and as an existing customer to see what sort of internet connection I might get. I work in IT and having a fast and reliable connection is not just useful for my livelihood, it is pretty much a requirement to be a member of society in the UK. I’ve been told that the estate I’m on is prewired with optical fibre to each house so clearly you must have done some level of capacity planning so to be told that it’s not available, there is no capacity, or that I’m getting FTTP installed next week depending on who I speak to and what time of day it is has become a somewhat frustrating experience, the right hand, doesn’t appear to know what the left hand is up to.

I originally placed my order on the 11th January 2016 and as yet still have no install date, or idea from your company when I might have a useable internet connection.

I’m pretty frustrated to have been informed today that the order I was told would be completing on the 17th March with a fibre install is now not going ahead, and that no one within BT appears to know if I can get an FTTP connection or not. Please can you escalate this to your complaints team and respond back telling me how this is going to be resolved and by when, something that everyone else in your company appears to be completely unable to do.

David Smith