Handing over

I’m in a strange place work wise at the moment, I’m starting to wrap up on a long term project that has been running for 12+ months at a steady work load, today I met the new permanent programmer the organisation has hired and started down the process of hand over, justifying technology choices and the way things have been built.  It’s an odd process and one that never comes that easy, time to check the ego at the door, any problems in the code, I created, any bugs are mine, any performance issues and lack of documentation etc are also mine.  There are always “justifcations” for why things are the way they are, and it would’ve been nice to have had a bit more time to do a good handover.  Still on the flip side I’ve managed to get the client ready for the next stage of their business and I’m happy I’ve done what I can and the prototype and proof of concept work I’ve completed has been interesting.

Then there is a project which is just getting bigger and bigger, and is very exciting, We’ve stared out with some user stories and we’re constantly adding more and I’m going to be working with some cool technologies and hoping to prove that we can rapidly evolve the code and create something worth while and usable in double quick time (technical term)