Day 3

I can’t imagine I’ll get this into double figures but you never know.

Anyway as one of the things I claim to be is a programmer I need to start doing it better, in the past I’ve picked up languages as I’ve needed to based on the work that is sold by the company I’m working for, notable examples of this include

  • Lotus Notes
  • Java Server Pages
  • VBA
  • VBScript

However now that I’m doing my own thing as Wirewool along with working with others such as TodayIShould it becomes easy to sell the technology and the solutions you know and so your learning changes, you don’t learn new things, but you do learn how to do things better, which is fine, but not great.  So to be great I’m going to learn some new things….

And I’m going to improve on the PHP stuff I know and by using PHPUnit ensure the code I wrote is testable and tested.  I’ve also got an Expression Engine module written that with a bit of a tidy up and some documentation is ready to be released, so I’ll get that cracked as well.