BT Update

So in fairness to BT my letters to Gavin (letter 1 and letter 2)haven’t gone without a response and my numerous complaints have been handed over to the “Executive Level Complaints: BT Consumer” team and they have been pretty good with updating me with no news or positive updates when they say they will.

However there is now news:


I had an email a couple of weeks ago from the automated ordering system that BT run to say that my order had been updated, and then the phone rang with update from the person dealing with my complaints, my order for FTTP had been placed and I had an install date.  A month into the future at that time but still there was a date.

So now the exterior work has been completed and all things being equal tomorrow the rest of the installation work will be completed and we rejoin the 20th century with working home internet.  (I hope)

sidenote: my neighbours who moved in after us had their order completed last week, not happy….