So in the general tradition of me and blogging we reach the point where it goes a bit quiet.

Of course there are reasons / excuses etc.  Anyway last night I went to the AWSUGUK meet up hosted at The Pregnant Man.  It was the second event I had attended (and the third event overall) and again I was impressed by the venue (A private pub will always make me happy) and the clearly knowledgeable and enthusiastic crowd helped make for a great meetup.

The host Norman Driskell (@n0rm) introduced the evening, and set the tone of the evening with a brief presentation regarding how Razorfish had recently leveraged AWS for an ad tied into the Superbowl, the figures were certainly impressive and just show what you can do with AWS with a planning, couple of key take outs.

  • Pre-warm the servers if you are expecting huge traffic spikes
  • Leverage the services that AWS offer you, rather than rolling your own in an EC2 box

The sessions were:

  • Managing your apps on AWS: Real life lessons with GigaSpaces
  • Quarterbacking the AWS Estate
  • The CentraStage experience

And I have to say all of the speakers were well prepared, and rehearsed and gave a great insight into their areas of expertise, again there were good tips across all of the sessions, in particular I found the AWS Estate session very worthwhile with some dull but useful tips regarding consolidated billing, the billing API and of course an element of insight into some of the newer technology releases, especially Redshift and Opworks.  Hopefully the slides will be up soon.