Need to know about The Cloud ?

So a new blog this way comes, written by Richard Morrell who is the Cloud Evangelist, only four posts in and the articles / posts are already well worth the time investment.  Definitely a blog to keep an eye and with the promise of podcasts coming soon with movers,  shakers and those that just use The Cloud as well as stunning insight from someone who lives and breathes Open Source I can heartily recommend it.

Of course it helps that Richard is also a good egg as well ;-)

PyroCMS on Rackspace Cloud Sites

So in trying to get PyroCMS up and running on Rackspace Cloud Sites I came across an issue with removing index.php from the URL

After much time wasted in tinkering and playing I found the solution, adding in a / before the index.php in line 42 of the .htaccess file solved the issue and my sanity.

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /index.php?/$1 [L]

Changing the way I work

So I’m not a person who for whatever reason has really used an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) when coding. When I first started out, more than a few years ago, I crafted my HTML by hand, and when it came to writing my first PERL code using the Camel book to guide me I used Textpad. Moving on from there, the languages I coded changed (PHP, CFML, LotusScript, ASP, JavaScript, JSP), the environment I worked on changed as well (Windows 95, 98, XP, Fedora, OSX) but the power of the editor remained unchanged, multiple tabs, save collections of files as projects, a bit if syntax highlighting and I was happy. (Easily pleased almost)

And that continued until very recently, yes I migrated to using TextMate or Coda depending on how the mood took me, but it was still very “simple” work, I never really challenged the editor or pushed it that hard (and probably still don’t)

The main change now is that I use Sublime Text 2 and for once I’ve gone a bit further than just using the default settings, I’ve done the obvious thing and skinned it ;-) but then I’ve also added in the Sublime Package Manager and have installed the following packages (for reference) :

  • Additional PHP Snippets
  • Alignment
  • CodeIgniter Snippets
  • Docblockr
  • LESS
  • PHPcs
  • PHPDocumentor
  • RubyTest
  • SublimeCodeIntel
  • Sublimelint
  • Soda – Theme
  • ZenCoding

I used the following two sites (here and here) to get me going and without them would probably be still using TextMate or Coda and not working so nearly as effectively.


2500 and 1

So all things being equal this would’ve been post number 2500, but I’ve ditched the old blog, the posts, the comments, the design, the history, for a fresh new start and so this post is not only 2500 but also post 1.

Nothing ever goes away on the Internet
Of course as the current generation of students and social types posting those “oh so funny” photos to Facebook will find out, this being the internet, nothing really disappears. There are a couple of posts (ok 8) from the old version of the site that I have carried across for to this version of the site, they serve a purpose as a reminder to me and my notoriously bad memory, and also there is a chance other people (like you maybe?) will find them useful.

OSX Lion Dashboard and Dock

So having recently rebuilt a couple of machines recently I was missing a few of the tweaks that I’d used in the past, so here for my future reference are the commands required to disable the Dashboard and also make the Dock appear to be flat.

Using Terminal (which can be found under applications->utilities):

$ defaults write no-glass -boolean YES
$ defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean YES
$ killall Dock

And to re-enable

$ defaults write no-glass -boolean NO
$ defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean NO
$ killall Dock