Day 19

Another day, another language looked at, I must be the master of Hello World by now.

Anyway for the first time in a long time it was Java.  It’s in use where I’m working at the moment (along with some technologies I’m more familiar with) but following my mantra of “learning is fun” it was time to grab a copy of Spring Tool Suite (STS) install, and then find a Spring Hello World tutorial.

One train journey home and the box is ticked, now to try and find some more interesting tutorials to get a fuller flavour of Spring and why people (who like Java) seem to like it and rate it.  Certainly since I last tinkered with java having a more integrated tool like STS makes my life a lot easier.  From nothing to Spring based Hello World in a 10 minute train is quite nice.  In the past I think I’d got bored with playing with Tomcat and trying to get it working at this point ;-)

Day 18

Hard day today, but none the less constructive, lots of business stuff, some learning (Python / Mongo / RoR) and a breaking of my dry January.

Ok so the last bit is a complete fail, but the person I was meeting had kindly brought me a beer and it would’ve been rude to refuse (especially at London prices)

Daily posts are getting harder and more dull, especially when I leave them to the end of the day, still got my (mostly) happy vibe for my current work in spite of the best efforts of people sometimes.  January is almost done, where did that month go?

Day 17

And my work here is done, well almost. Client handover finished yesterday to the new perm programmer and general technical bod at the company, so 10 pages of documentation and a run through some of the code.  That was it, thank you for your work and if you ever need to feel free to use us a reference.

It was certainly interesting work as well, VBA and SQL server with an unhealthy dose of VBScript (Who knew it still existed) in a market I’ve not worked in before, originally just involved in setting up a server and a couple of desktops the contract ended up being over a year long. (and that’s not me being slow on Windows!)

One happy client is now one happy ex-client.  Luckily for me this being 2013 and not 2012 I’ve already got replacement work lined up to fill the time ;-)

Day 15

All about the learning.

In a bid to maximise my time I can be found on the train into train brow furrowed, head down and working on my laptop (to the point that I’ve managed to completely ignore people I know sitting opposite me – yep, I can get focussed) but it’s not really all working, it’s mostly learning, it’s about keeping my skills sharp and relevant, so even if some of the work I’m doing in my day to day isn’t programming I’m still looking at code, still learning my craft.  At the moment the list feels quite long and a little disjointed but in mind it almost makes sense.  By looking at and playing with lots of different technologies I’m making it easier to learn them and be a better programmer, as I port learning from one technology / toolset into another.  So by learning Ruby on Rails it helps me with Test Driven Development (TDD) and also the PHP framework Laravel.  By working with Codecademy it helps with my JavaScript (which I’m hoping will help with D3) and Python which will help with the MongoDB course and so it goes on.

Day 14

So where was everyone now getting in touch or asking questions about work and other projects in 2012?

I’m not complaining of course, it’s a fantastic start to 2013, I’ve got some interesting projects that I’m already wrapped up in and the learning is never ending, not just technologies but also methodologies, and aside from “Fitter” I’m covering off the three words aim for 2013 well (and taking into account the discussion I had the last time I had my haircut, I’m almost being epic and maybe even awesome in 2013 as well)