So the fitness thing…

…once again failed this year.

Started well with a few months of marathon training and getting to my longest run ever (25km) but then as ever injury and lethargy “prevented” me doing much more.

Clearly I need a target to motivate me to do something and “fitness” isn’t enough.

Anyway the stats from 2017:

Cycling : 263Km (all commuting to and from the station)
Running : 440Km (mostly in the first 3 months of 2017)
Swimming: 12Km

Lots of changes happening in 2018, but alongside the changes and unknowns I’d really like to find a way to consistently exercise.

Lego Porsche 911 GT3 RS

So I was fortunate enough to receive an unexpected box of Lego goodness at the end of last week which just happened to contain the Porsche 911 GT3 RS.  Which meant I spent “some” time over the weekend a) building it and b) explaining to the kids that this wasn’t Lego for them.

This should be a longer post about building the Porsche, but I’ll just let the photos of the build do the “talking” instead.

BT Update

So in fairness to BT my letters to Gavin (letter 1 and letter 2)haven’t gone without a response and my numerous complaints have been handed over to the “Executive Level Complaints: BT Consumer” team and they have been pretty good with updating me with no news or positive updates when they say they will.

However there is now news:


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Letter to Gavin

My previous letter can be found here.

So still waiting on a decent internet connection, still being fobbed off, still burning through my 4G data allowance to live life in a modern web based world.

So I’ve sent another letter to Gavin Patterson.  As I mention in the email I’ve been updated of the situation, but the update has been “no you can’t have a usable internet connection even though the planning permission for the estate was granted in 2010 and we’ve had nearly six years to upgrade our systems”

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